Top 3 Best Propane Refrigerators

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When you think of living off the grid, you’re considering using alternative power sources that can replace the costly electricity. Many alternatives can replace your electrical power source. Some of the best options are solar power sources, wind power sources, and propane power sources.

Here are the top 3 best propane refrigerators:

The propane power source is one of these choices that can be set up by investing a low amount. You can use propane to power most of your off-the-grid appliances, including the fridge.

You can use your heaters, refrigerators, lighting, and all other home appliances on the propane-based power source. In addition, propane power sources last longer than solar or wind power sources. 

This article will discuss the best propane refrigerators. If you are looking for a propane-based refrigerant system, this short guide will prove beneficial for you. You might also enjoy reading: Solar Vs. Propane: Which is Better for Living Off-Grid?

Top 3 Best Propane Refrigerator
Top 3 Best Propane Refrigerators –

Best Propane Refrigerators

If you are worried about your electricity bills due to high-voltage electric equipment, convert them to propane-based power sources. There are many creative ideas for propane-based refrigerators in the market. The flame that propane creates acts as a fuel for refrigeration.

Though people take it lightly, this power source is not a bad idea. This is a very old power generation technology that has been in use since the 18s. 

1- SMETA 110V/Gas Propane Refrigerator

SMETA Propane Gas Refrigerator is an excellent fridge for use at home, particularly for an off-the-grid living family. Incapacity, this refrigerator is 9.4 cubic feet and has five wire shelves.

However, this propane-based refrigerator might be big for personal use, camping, or any outdoor activity.

2- RCA RFR321 Mini Refrigerator

RCA RFR321 Mini Refrigerator is an excellent choice if you are looking for a portable and small gas refrigerator. In addition, it is one of the best gas-powered fridges with a mini compact design.

3- Smad Small Propane Fridge

If you are looking for portable and small gas refrigerators for off-grid living, Smad Small Propane Fridge is an excellent choice.

It has a standalone 3-way design and a capacity of about 1.4 cubic feet. It is perfect for off-gridders, Boondockers, and outdoor campers because of its compact design, which makes it easy to transport.

Origin of Propane Refrigerator

Michael Faraday is considered the father of Propane based refrigerators. He experimented with this type of refrigerator in 1824 and finally succeeded. Over the years, this mechanism kept evolving and finally resulted in the recent propane refrigerators. However, the basic operating mechanism of this type of refrigerator is the same as that designed by Faraday. 

As the refrigerator founded by Faraday worked on the heat absorption system, which was named “Absorption Cooling” or “Absorption Refrigeration.” Though the idea of propane refrigerators came to Faraday years ago, such refrigerators came to the market in 1930.

These refrigerators were very popular in those days as electricity was not common then. Most home users used to select such a refrigerator to benefit from it in off-grid areas. 

How Does Propane-Based Refrigerator Work?

  • The way propane-based refrigerators work is very simple. You may know that when gas is released with pressure, they create a cooling effect. This cooling is, in turn, used to keep the items cold. In a Propane Refrigerator, different liquids and gases are sealed in a container or tube.
  • The liquid and propane gas undergo a reaction under a certain pressure. Such a reaction causes a cooling effect. The condensers are used to generate cooling to run a refrigerator. 
  • The gas in the sealed tubes is hydrogen and liquid ammonia plus water. The basic generator of the refrigerator is boiling water that is boiled via a propane flame. The boiling water evaporates and is shifted into a condensing chamber.
  • In the condensing chamber, it regains the liquid state. This recondensed fluid moves towards the evaporation chamber, where it evaporates into gaseous form. The vapors of the liquid mix up with hydrogen gas as a result of a chemical reaction. The chemical reaction of vapors and hydrogen gas results in cooling that absorbs all the heat from the refrigerator chamber. 
  • After the gaseous material has absorbed enough heat from the refrigerator chamber, it returns to its original form to start the process from its initial state. This whole process does not impart much pressure on the mechanical parts of the refrigerator so that they can last for a long time.
  • This is a simple chemical reaction that causes the refrigerator to keep the goods cool via a chemical reaction.

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Are Propane Fridges Any Good?

Propane Refrigerators have many advantages that make them an ideal choice for users. Here are some benefits associated with such an outlet. 

  • Many mini-sized fridges that operate on propane can be found in the market. These refrigerators are the best choice for off-grid living. 
  • If you’re considering setting out for a trip, an off-grid power-based fridge like a propane fridge is the best option for you. 
  • If you experience several power outages or live in an area with problems in the supply of electricity, then Propane fridges are the best options for such areas. 
  • A propane fridge can work for almost 11 days on a propane tank of 20 pounds
  • For RV owners, a propane fridge is no less than a blessing
  • If you live in an area with high electricity costs but with low cost in propane, a propane fridge will be ideal for you as it will be economical for you. 
  • It’s a good outlet for small families

Do Propane Refrigerators Use a Lot of Propane?

In general, propane refrigerators don’t use a lot of propane because a well-made propane refrigerator doesn’t consume too much propane. It can run up to 11 days with a 20-pound propane drum. The average propane consumption of a propane refrigerator is around 1.5 to 1.8 pounds per day.

This type of propane-based refrigerator uses approximately 1400 to 1600 thermal units of energy per hour, which means these fridges are not so expensive and can be very economical as compared to the high cost of electricity. 

How Much Does a Propane Refrigerator Cost?

Propane Refrigerators are not so expensive. You can invest in a small propane-based refrigerator for about $150 to $300. It’s not a high amount to invest in such a pretty outlet that can work at any place, in the grid or off the grid.

Also, the running cost of such a fridge is average. A good propane fridge can run up to 11 days with a 20 pounds propane tank. 

Are Propane Refrigerators More Efficient Than Electric? 

Many advantages of propane-based refrigerators put them above electric refrigerators. Once you invest in a propane-based refrigerator, it will be sufficient for your entire life. Its maintenance cost is very low.

Also, it will need a little maintenance once set to run. Moreover, propane-based refrigerators are generally efficient to be used anywhere in off-grid or on-grid areas. 

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Final Thoughts

Propane-based home appliances have made lives easy, even in off-grid areas. You can set out the whole house’s power supply on propane.

Additionally, a propane-based fridge is an excellent choice as it needs less maintenance and gives high performance. Moreover, it proves very economical as compared to the high cost of electricity. 


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