Where Can You Live Off-Grid in Texas? 5 Great Locations

Where Can You Live Off-Grid in Texas
Where Can You Live Off-Grid in Texas? 5 Great Locations – Offthegridplanet.com

If you are not one for the “non-renewable lifestyle,” going off the grid is a great way to invest in sustainable living and help the planet in your own way. Though it may be a little challenging to do in modern times, you’ll find that you’ll have a lot of luck finding a new place to—legally—settle off-grid in Texas.

However, before you decide to pack up and leave town, make sure you’re prepared for what awaits you in the Lone Star state. In this article, we’ll cover five great locations in Texas that are perfect for off-grid life and the things you’ll need to settle down there.

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Best Locations for Off-Grid Living in Texas

Texas has such a wide breadth of land available; there are plenty of places where people can find their ideal location to go off the grid. The following are five towns in Texas that are ideal for off-grid living:

Greater San Antonio Area

While this is a major metropolitan region in Texas, there are a few benefits to choosing the San Antonio area to live off the grid.

Around the city of San Antonio, there are a lot of options for settling down. There are many smaller rivers and lakes that allow you to be near water, which is vital for living off-grid.

This part of Texas is also great because of the amount of sunlight you get yearly, which is excellent if you want to start relying on solar power.

Where Can You Live Off-Grid in Texas
Where Can You Live Off-Grid in Texas? 5 Great Locations – Offthegridplanet.com

Wichita Falls Area

In the northern section of Texas, you will find fewer desert areas and more wooded areas. This can be an excellent spot to go off the grid because of the plethora of wildlife options for food and the seclusion of living in a forest.

In the Wichita Falls area, there are plenty of woods to choose from that could allow someone the chance to find a decent spot to go off-grid. There are a few water sources in the area via lakes and smaller bodies of water, which are great resources for water and fish. 

The wooded area also allows for plenty of supplies that help with building your own homestead. While this may hurt your chances of having solar power because of tree coverage, you should have an ample supply of wood for fire/warmth during the winter.

Beaumont Region

Beaumont is located almost directly on Texas and Louisiana’s border in the eastern part of Texas, with the Mississippi River less than 25 miles from the city’s center.

Finding supplies for a homestead might be a little more difficult in this area; Beaumont was a location heavily affected by Hurricane Katrina over a decade ago. Still, there is plenty of lands that have not been reclaimed in the years since. This might lead you to find abandoned structures to buy, rebuild, and call home.

The best thing about Beaumont is that there will be ample water sources nearby, with plenty of energy and food options that come with it. If you are prepared to live off the water, Beaumont might be the location for you.

Corpus Christi Area

On the Gulf of Mexico, Corpus Christi offers various places to find shelter and move as needed. Here, you can find ample opportunities to power your homestead via water, solar, or wind; being on the water allows for all three options.

Along with this, Corpus Christi offers plenty of supplies for someone to get to for when they start their journey off-grid.

Where Can You Live Off-Grid in Texas
Where Can You Live Off-Grid in Texas? 5 Great Locations – Offthegridplanet.com

Palo Duro Canyon

Known as the “Grand Canyon of Texas,” the Palo Duro Canyon offers plenty for someone who is more experienced in living off-grid because of harsher conditions. Still, it has plenty of lands to support this lifestyle. This is also one of the more exclusive locations to be in, with few major metropolitan areas nearby.

There is also the Red River in the area, which could be useful in several ways for someone living off-grid. While the Palo Duro Canyon State Park does not allow people to live permanently on the land, there are still plenty of regions near the park suitable for inhabitation.

Planning to Go Off-Grid in Texas

As we just mentioned, there are a few things that you should do before you try and go off the grid in Texas. For one, you will need to plan to gather a few supplies and get a few things in order before you go.

Choosing When to Go

First, decide when you will go off-grid. If you plan on relocating to Texas, the time of year you make a move will play a huge factor in how successfully you can settle down off the grid once there.

Summertime is usually the most challenging time of year to go off-grid in this state since its extremely high temperatures and dry weather demands additional supplies to combat the heat. 

It is best that you try to go off-grid in Texas during another season, such as the spring or fall, when the climate is not as harsh.

Things You Need

Once you’ve decided when you want to relocate, it’s time to start gathering the supplies you need. Things you should have on hand to go off-grid include:

  • Cash: Withdraw cash from your bank account to use for spending until you’re settled. If you’re not a fan of using plastic credit cards, consider transitioning to only cash-based transactions instead.
  • Map: Having an updated map is essential if you need to scout out potential bodies of water or landforms near your new location; this is especially important since most people who go off-grid decide to rely less on technology like GPS and cell phones.
  • Emergency Contact: Make sure at least one or two people you trust know where you’re going and your plans in case you run into trouble.

Plan for Sustainability

You also need to choose how you intend to live off the grid as far as sustainability goes.

Energy and Supply Sources

Different environments in Texas will offer various solutions for supplies and energy:

  • Wooded Regions: There will be an ample supply of heating and housing supplies but little for energy.
  • Desert or Flatlands: There are a few energy sources (solar or wind) but not as many water and heating/cooling supply options.

Food Sources

Also, consider how you want to acquire food. Most who choose to go off-grid—especially in Texas, where agriculture is a significant part of the state’s economy, may want to harvest their own fruits and vegetables on their plot or forage for food if they’re on the road.

Water Sources

Depending on where you end up, you may need to invest in a storage tank to collect and store clean, drinkable water. You’ll also need to figure out a plumbing solution for bathroom use. Check out this excellent beginner’s guide to get you started.

Pick Your Living Space

Finally, you’ll need to decide on the type of home you’ll be in. In Texas, you have the options of living in a mobile home, a tiny, prefabricated home or building your own. You will also need to decide if you prefer to live on the road or want to invest in a bit of land to settle down on.


Living off the grid anywhere can be a difficult and challenging task. There is a lot of preparation involved in going off-grid, with many decisions that need to be made before and after choosing a location.

However, relocating to Texas makes things a little bit easier since living off-grid is allowed in the state, making it easier to remain compliant with local laws. It is also home to plenty of land, meaning you have plenty of options regarding where you choose to settle. 

Different parts of Texas offer various benefits for off-grid living, so before you make a move to the Lone Star state, just make sure you have the supplies you need and scout out your options to determine the best spot for you. The five towns and regions I mentioned above are excellent places to start!


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