20 Outdoor Activities to Try on Your Next Camping Trip

Whether you’re new at camping or a veteran looking for the next outdoor camping adventure, planning outdoor activities is essential to enjoy the trip.

Perhaps you’re with friends and family and want them to have a memorable vacation. They count on your ideas to help them reconnect with nature and strengthen their bonds. 

I have compiled a list of simple and exciting outdoor activities for your next camping trip to keep your friends entertained. You don’t have to stress your family with lots of brainstorming; here is the checklist of camping activities. 

If you wonder what the differences are between boondocking and dry camping, I wrote a whole article that I encourage you to read.

1- Hiking

Hiking is the first thing you want to think about when collecting camping activities. And since most campsites have trails nearby, you can take the opportunity to explore the natural surroundings on foot. 

Ensure everyone has comfortable shoes, plenty of water, and a map to stay safe and enjoy the scenery.

Hiking is ideal for anyone who wants to recover and improve their health. You are tired at the end of the day, but the experience is worth it. 

Outdoor Activities to Try on Your Next Camping Trip

2- Bird Watching

If you live in the cities, you’ve only read about different bird species, but outdoor camping allows you to see them in their natural habitat. 

Tell your friends and family to come with binoculars and a guidebook to help identify different species. This is an opportunity for your schoolchildren to learn ad appreciate nature. 

Besides the birds, you’ll also see other wildlife and how they interact with each other. Some of my friends created a bird-watching competition in which the group will see more species. The experience was fun for all participants. 

Outdoor Activities to Try on Your Next Camping Trip

3- Biking

Biking is an option for camping sites with bike trails nearby. You can bring your own bike or hire one to explore the surrounding area on two wheels. 

Ensure the bike is in good condition and is built to handle challenging terrains. Also, come in full gear and follow the local rules, including trail signs.

Outdoor Activities to Try on Your Next Camping Trip

4- Canoeing or Kayaking

Are you planning an outdoor camping near a water body? If yes, you can rent a canoe or kayak to explore the area. 

You can take off on the waters and soak in the specular view along the banks. Canoeing allows you to test your balance and work on your core strength while making stories with friends. You’ll be back for dinner at the campfire after a day in the water. 

Of course, you want to ensure everyone has a life jacket and stays within their skill level.

Outdoor Activities to Try on Your Next Camping Trip

5- Stargazing

When did you last spend a summer camping night with your little ones counting the stars away from the blurring city lights? Stargazing is an exciting outdoor camping activity during dry seasons with clear blue skies.

Bring a telescope or lie back and take in the view. You can spot various start constellations and teach your children their names. 

If you know little about stars, you can study them before. You can then spend time identifying the different stars you studied.  

Outdoor Activities to Try on Your Next Camping Trip

6- Fishing

Like canoeing or kayaking, fishing activities require camping near a water body. If you’re camping near the beach or river, you can carry a fishing rod and bait to catch some game. 

While it requires skills to catch a fish, the relaxation and the thrill of hooking a tilapia or mudfish is worth the effort. 

I love finishing as it also allows us to tell stories and bond with family and friends as we pass the time. 

Outdoor Activities to Try on Your Next Camping Trip

7- Catch Insects

You can spend time with your children running and collecting various insects like grasshoppers, butterflies, and fireflies. 

There is nothing that gets children involved, like activities that include running. And if you’re there with them, the fun is double. This is your chance to spend time with your kids; make it count. 

Outdoor Activities to Try on Your Next Camping Trip

8- Decorate Your Campsite

Do you have a campervan or an RV? You can add fun decorations to the RV and improve your camping experience. 

How can you do this?

  • Carry string lights you can hand around the camping fire in the evening.
  • Use vintage lanterns at the camp dinner table.
  • Rearrange the RV to create extra space.
  • Use colorful accents like throw pillows, rugs, and curtains to brighten the space and create a cozy atmosphere.
  • Add family photos or souvenirs from your travels to make the space feel like home.
Outdoor Activities to Try on Your Next Camping Trip

9- Draw or Paint Nature Scenes

Do you love art? Nature is a living art that can stir your imagination, helping you discover your artistic skills. 

Regardless of your skill level, you can spend time painting or drawing trees, hills, or landscapes. You’ll likely have fun doing it even if you aren’t perfect at drawing. 

Outdoor Activities to Try on Your Next Camping Trip

 10- Collect Pretty Rocks

Rock hunting is one of the cheapest ways to enjoy outdoor camping. You can compete on who will collect the prettiest and most unique rocks. 

Most nature trails have undiscovered rocks; your team can explore the area and see what you come up with. The idea is to get everyone involved. 

Outdoor Activities to Try on Your Next Camping Trip

11- Enjoy an Outdoor Movie Night

Watching a movie under the star is a rare experience, but you can include it in your outdoor activities. It is like recreating a cinema hall in nature, making it a fun way to spend your evening with your loved ones. 

However, it’ll require time to set up and equipment like a projector and a wall to display the movie. If the movie is exciting, it is worth all the effort.

Outdoor Activities to Try on Your Next Camping Trip

12- Practice Survival Skills

As a scout, I learned some survival skills, but it was when we went camping with my friends in college that I practiced these skills. 

I’m talking about

  • Starting a fire without a matchbox
  • Setting up the camp shelter
  • Creating portable water
  • Finding clean water
  • Navigation using a map and a compass
  • Finding safe food in the wild

You can also learn and try out these survival skills with your group. You’ll equip your children with valuable knowledge they can use in the future. 

Outdoor Activities to Try on Your Next Camping Trip

13- Search For Hidden Treasure

You can hide several dollar-store treasures near the campsite and then give your group a map and directions to find them. This map maze can be an exciting game for everyone. 

If you find the first treasure, you unlock the next one until all treasures are collected. Furthermore, map reading is a skill that will stick with your children all their lives. 

Search For Hidden Treasure

14- Make an Obstacle Course

Camping outdoors also allows you to create obstacle courses. You can arrange different relay races in whichever way you like it. 

For instance, you can combine hula hoops, jump ropes, and water balloons in a series of challenges tailored to everyone’s abilities. 

Outdoor Activities to Try on Your Next Camping Trip

15- Host a Bag Race

You can carry spare bags or turn sleeping bags into bag races. The old and young can participate in this thrilling and hilarious race, bringing everyone together and teaching valuable lessons. 

Outdoor Activities to Try on Your Next Camping Trip

16- Meditate

Meditation is common indoor practice. But it may create a different sensation when practiced outdoors. The sound of nature, the cool breeze grazing your skin, and the earthy smell of trees can help you meditate better. 

Just ensure your meditation spot has no distractions from animals or other campers. 

Outdoor Activities to Try on Your Next Camping Trip

17- Practice Photography

Besides drawing and painting, you can photograph unique places during camping for memories. You can pump on a peculiar-looking tree, a scenic view, or an animal or insect you haven’t seen before. 

Capture these moments in time and keep them as souvenirs you can carry everywhere. 

Outdoor Activities to Try on Your Next Camping Trip

18- Play Cards

The card game is ideal for every situation-indoor or outdoors. Family and friends can play at the RV dining table or a flat rock in the forest. 

All you need are a deck of cards, knowledge of cards, and some luck to play. And games like Poker, Old Maid, and Uno can keep everyone engaged. 

Outdoor Activities to Try on Your Next Camping Trip

19- Play Hide and Seek

Who said hide and seek lost its glory, or it is only left for kids? Adults can remind themselves of the good old days when hide and seek was the real deal. 

Camping sites have many places to hide, making the game memorable. 

Outdoor Activities to Try on Your Next Camping Trip

20- Have Fun on Your Next Camping Trip

As you can see, you have plenty of games to enjoy on your next camping trip, regardless of your age difference. 

We’ve outlined these outdoor activities to jumpstart your thinking. Once you are at the camp, you can look for other engaging activities to allow you to connect well with nature. 

Outdoor Activities to Try on Your Next Camping Trip


How Can You Make a Camping Trip Fun?

Encourage everyone to come with a surprise game or activity. You can also include simple games like playing cards, scavenger hunts, or building sand castles. 

How Can I Upgrade my Camping Experience?

Ensure you’re comfortable. So bring a supportive memory foam mattress to improve your sleep quality. You don’t want to wake up with an aching back or neck! 

Also, bring a portable stove and power supply to keep you warm and allow you to cook should the weather change. 

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What Are The Benefits of Camping?

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