Off Grid Dryers: 10 Best Options

Off Grid Dryers
Off Grid Dryers: 10 Best Options –

Living off the grid makes for a more sustainable and productive lifestyle that puts less strain on our environment. However, off-grid living is hard work.

Finding devices powered using natural sources like solar power or gas makes your off-grid life easier. One useful machine you should include in your homestead is an off grid dryer.

Read on to find 10 of the best recommended off-grid dryer options for self-sufficient living and learn more about solar power usage costs depending on the electricity used for different dryers.

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Off Grid Dryers: 10 Best Options

Your success and happiness living off the grid will depend on the tools you choose. Here are the 10 best options for off grid dryers.

Electric Dryers

Electric dryers can be powered by solar power, but standard dryers usually run at about 240 volts and pull a lot of energy.

It is best to find a low-voltage dryer or, if you’re skilled with wiring, convert your high-voltage dryer to a lower voltage for less power consumption.

Kenmore Electric Dryer

This electric dryer ( check it on Amazon) can handle large loads, has a drop-down door for more efficient transferring of clothing, and has smart technology that automatically adjusts time and temperature to dry your clothes. If you have a sizeable off-grid family and lots of clothes to dry, then this dryer would be the best option for you.

Running at 240 volts, the energy this dryer pulls probably won’t allow you to use any other electric machines simultaneously, depending on how many solar panels you have. However, it can be lowered to under half of its voltage with the right tools.

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Costway Compact Electric Dryer

Weighing only 37.3 pounds, this light and easily portable compact electric dryer is perfect for someone who doesn’t have a lot of space in their home to fit a full-sized dryer.

Though this dryer is small, it has a high-quality design, so you know your clothes will be dried thoroughly. You can even run your clothes on a cycle without disturbance, as the noise level is minimal. Check it on Amazon.

There are four settings on this dryer to accommodate your needs based on the level of dampness and size of clothing you wish to dry, including:

  • Cool: Cool drying your clothes takes under 20 minutes.
  • Warm: Drying your clothes using the warm setting takes 30 to 120 minutes.
  • Hot: Hot drying is best for bulky clothing and takes 120 to 200 minutes.
  • Air Dry: The air-dry setting takes 80 minutes or less.

This electric dryer runs off on only 110 volts, making it the perfect compact and low-energy costing off-grid dryer. This machine can also be mounted on the wall or can stand freely on a flat surface for maximum space.

The maximum weight of clothes this dryer can hold is 10 pounds, but it is recommended to fill it with around 5.5 pounds for faster drying.

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HEVILLO Compact Electric Dryer

With a unique UV cleaning lamp, you can sanitize and dry small clothing items like baby clothes, underwear, socks, masks, mittens, beanies, and even toys.

This small and convenient dryer weighs only 2.7 pounds, so it can easily be taken when traveling or just kept at home. Check it out on Amazon.

The HEVILLO compact electric dryer only uses 110 volts, so that you can rest assured you will conserve the rest of your solar energy throughout the day.

Gas Dryers

Gas dryers are suitable for off-grid living. Because you can use a natural gas line or propane tanks instead of wasting your solar energy, other high-voltage devices in your homestead can be used while powering a gas dryer.

GE Gas Dryer

This standard gas dryer is large and has three different heat cycles, so you can dry big loads of clothes with varying fabrics if you live with multiple people or are behind on laundry, with no worries.

With a reversible door opening, you can open the dryer door on the left or right side for the comfort of your dominant hand and the convenience of space in your laundry room. Here is a link to Amazon.

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Spin Dryers

Spin dryers have different power sources; some are electric, and some require physical energy to work. Though spin dryers do not get all of the water out of your clothing, they dehydrate them enough to cut drying time in less than half.

Kuppet Compact Spin Dryer

Weighing only 9.9 pounds, this light and compact spin dryer is portable, so you can make the most out of using it in small spaces like apartments, dorms, RVs, and tiny houses.

Spin your clothes to almost complete dryness with this efficient device; all you need to do is place a bucket underneath the spout to catch the water that’s pulled out. Here is a link to buy it on Amazon.

Using 110 volts of power, this low-voltage spin dryer is the perfect off-grid dryer for anyone using solar power to save energy. It spins up to 1500 revolutions per minute and can hold up to 17.6 pounds of clothes for easier drying.

Panda Portable Spin Dryer

This spin dryer is made from high-quality materials, such as its stainless steel drum, to prevent wearing down and rust. At a whopping 3200 revolutions per minute, this dryer spins faster than your typical electric dryer, meaning your clothes will be super dry for a less hanging time. Weighing only 29.9 pounds, moving this dryer is easy for portable usage.

Being an electric machine, powering this spin dryer takes only 110 volts. This spin dryer is the perfect off-grid dryer for those conserving their solar energy. Check it out on Amazon.

SEEAN Portable Spin Dryer

With a unique mechanical gear, you can power this spin dryer with your strength rather than using up solar energy or gas.

By pulling two handles connected to a nylon drawstring, this dryer spins up to 2500 revolutions per second, so your clothes can dry in as little time as 10 seconds!

The SEEAN portable spin dryer comes with a 59-inch drainage pipe so you can drain the water away from your yard. Check it out on Amazon.

Drying Racks

Drying racks can be of use for delicate garments or just regular clothing. They vary in mechanics as some require power for heating elements, and some don’t.

Drynatural Rotating Drying Rack

This rotating drying rack can be placed outside to hang your clothes on and reaches up to 74 inches to catch the wind and spin for a faster drying time.

It has an adjustable height mechanism, and you can collapse it and put it into storage when needed. Check this rotating drying rack on Amazon.

Costway Portable Drying Rack

At 110 volts, this energy-efficient drying rack has a heating element to speed up the drying process, sterilize your clothing, and get rid of dust mites.

I like that this drying rack is portable, weighing only 22 pounds, so you can use it in boats, homesteads, tiny houses, or when traveling. Check out this portable drying rack on Amazon.


Wringers dehydrate your clothes by squeezing almost all of the water out of them, making them take less time to dry in a standard dryer or by air.

Calliger Hand-Crank Clothes Wringer

This self-powered clothes wringer is made with high-quality materials like a waterproof handle and zinc-plated steel to protect against rust. It will last a long time and make good use of making your clothes easier to dry without the hassle of handwringing.

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Other Off Grid Dryer Options

If you’re looking for cheap but efficient ways to dry your clothes off the grid, then clotheslines might be the choice for you. Here is a list of what you can use to start air-drying your clothes:

  • Retractable Clothesline: This clothesline ( link on Amazon) is adjustable, reaching up to 49 feet with a double line feature for more space to hang up your clothes.
  • Weather Resistant Clothesline Cord: This braided cotton-based clothesline cord ( link on Amazon) is durable for long-lasting use and measures 50 feet long.

Don’t Just Stick with Your Standard Electric Dryer on Solar

If you’re looking for off-grid dryers, you may be wondering what your bills might look like depending on the amount of energy the dryer you want consumes. The utility bill for your solar energy consumption is measured in kilowatts per hour. For reference, there are 1000 watts in one kilowatt.

In a standard electric dryer, the power used is 240 volts and 10 amps, which equals 2400 watts. Running a regular drying cycle usually takes about two hours. Since energy is measured in kilowatts per hour, then the 2400 watts run for 2 hours would be 4800 watts or 4.8 kilowatts per hour. 

Let’s say your utility costs are $0.12 per kilowatt hour. Without counting any other running electric devices, the cost of running a single load in a standard dryer would be about $0.58.

To compare, a low-voltage and energy-saving dryer, which runs at 110 volts and 10 amps, results in a much cheaper utility bill. Using only 1100 watts, or 1.1 kilowatts, running a single load of laundry in this type of dryer would only cost about $0.13.

Use this tool to estimate your energy consumption.

Closing thoughts

If you want to live a more sustainable lifestyle but still want the option of wearing soft clothes rather than stiff and rough hang-dry clothes, then choosing an off-grid dryer that suits your drying needs is best for you.


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