5 Essential Off Grid Tools: Everything you must know!

Most of us become dependent on electricity, and we can’t even complete small tasks without electricity. From cooking to showering, we’re dependent on power sources.

However, certain situations may lead us to live off the grid. In these situations, we should know what alternatives can help us to survive without electricity. A proper understanding of these tools and the way they should be used is necessary. So, what are the essential off-grid tools? 

Read on to find out all the must-have off-grid tools for a successful off-the-grid lifestyle. You might also enjoy reading: Off-Grid Living Guide for Beginners: Everything You Need to Know!

Essential Off Grid Tools
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What Are Alternatives For Electricity For An Off The Grid Living? 

Even though it seems that our lives are dependent on electricity, it is totally possible to live without electricity. Many power sources can help you to manage living off the grid. Though many alternatives have been invented, the following methods are most frequently used for this purpose. 

According to the US Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, if you live in a remote location, using alternatives to electricity can save you more money than trying to extend a power line to the electricity grid. Generally, extending a power line to the electricity grid can range from $15,000 to $50,000 per mile. 

1- Solar Energy 

Solar energy is the most efficient energy source that is most frequently used to get the power to run different equipment. Solar power includes photovoltaic solar panels, which can supply lots of electric power, mainly if you live in an area with considerable sun exposure. Another advantage of solar energy is that it requires little maintenance.

However, there are drawbacks to this type of power source too. It fails to generate power in low sunlight situations. Moreover, the batteries are very costly and need high attention for maintenance and repair. 

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2- Wind Energy

Another alternative to electricity is wind power. Wind power is generated through wind energy. Wind energy is converted into electric power through windmills. These windmills, in turn, run the generator that creates electricity off the grid. 

Generating electricity from small wind turbines is another alternative to using electricity for off-grid living.

Like solar panels, this power source has a drawback too. You may fail to meet the power requirements in the low wind flow. 

How to pick a wind turbine for your off-the-grid living? According to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Wind Guidebook, if you use an average of 830 kWh of electricity per month, you will need a wind turbine that generates between 5 to 15 kW (do not forget to check the average wind speed in your area).

3- Propane Fueled Power Sources

Like solar panels, propane-based power generators are also very common among those living off the grid. Many people have become dependent on this power source. Propane is used as a fuel to run the generators that are used to generate power.

However, it has also a drawback which is the cost of propane. Unlike solar or wind power sources that need money just for their setups, propane power sources will need propane as fuel throughout the period, you’ll use them. 

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What Tools Do You Need To Live Off The Grid?

Here are different tools that will help you to survive off the grid. 

1- An Axe 

When you’re living off the grid, you’ll not have basic facilities, including gas. When you don’t have gas for cooking or heating the water, you’ll have to manage wood for burning the fire. This fire will not only help you to cook the food but also heat the water for taking a bath if you’re living off the grid. 

An axe will prove very beneficial to cutting the large trees down and cutting them into small pieces to use as fuel. So, an axe is a foremost requirement to live outside the home without electricity. 

2- A Solar Panel

As mentioned above, using solar panels will not let you feel that you’re living off the grid. A good solar panel will help you to manage your different requirements accordingly. You can use solar power directly to run your outlets or to store it in the form of batteries for future use.

This invention has made our life quite easy and comfortable. The most important thing about solar power is that it’s quite eco-friendly and will last for a long time if maintained properly.

3- Safety Gloves

Safety Gloves will help you to carry out different tasks effectively. You’ll have to cut the wood, use the chemicals if you’re using a propane-based power source, and do many other tasks that can damage your hands.

To carry out such tasks effectively, you should use leather or non-leather skincare gloves. 

4- Hand Washer and Dryer 

In case you’re living off the grid, you’ll not have the facility to wash or dry the clothes in automatic machines. You’ll have to wash and dry them manually with your hand.

To complete any manual task, a proper tool will be very effective. So, invest in a hand washer and dryer to wash and dry your clothes.

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5- A Torch 

Lighting is very important for living. When living off the grid, you should consider investing in such a tool that will help you in lighting. A hand light or torch is a good option in such a situation.

Investing in a high-quality and rechargeable torch will set you up for a successful off-the-grid lifestyle.

6- Other Important Tools

Here are some other important tools that will help you in managing to live off the grid. 

  • A mini power station
  • Chain saw, or any other hand saw.
  • Modern solar shower
  • Camping radio
  • Essential Laundry
  • Solar lanterns
  • Mini coffee stoves
  • A good freighter frame
  • A rope
  • A bike

Where Are Off-Grid Tools Made?

Most of the off-grid tools are made of stainless steel. However, some may also feature some plastic parts.

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Final Thoughts 

Living off the grid is a tough task in the modern age. Particularly for those who are used to electricity, it’s hard to manage to live off the grid. However, if 17% of the world’s population is living off the grid, why can’t we? This is possible if one knows the suitable alternatives to electricity.

Also, some manual tools can help you out in living off the grid. In the above section, we’ve discussed some essential tools that will make your off-grid living easy. Consider investing in all these tools to live in such a situation. 


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