What Supplies Do You Need to Live Off Grid?

What Supplies Do You Need to Live Off Grid?
What Supplies Do You Need to Live Off Grid? – offthegridplanet.com

Living off-grid is not as difficult as it seems to be. But people who first start living off-grid often experience some problems due to exposure to a comparatively different atmosphere and lifestyle.

Read on to find out everything you need before transitioning to an off-grid lifestyle. Here is a link to one of the best survival kits that contain everything you need to survive for over 72 hours. Check the link on Amazon.com.

1- Planning and Preparation

When you have decided to move off the grid, start planning things step by step by considering everything. In the planning phase, the factor which you must need to focus on is cost deduction. Try to minimize your expenses as much as you can.

Eventually, it will result in eliminating so many future hurdles. By cost-cutting, you can also lower your overall budget.

When you start cutting your expenses to live off the grid, you will then find ways to have a good experience of living off-grid in everything. This way, you will have some extra budget in case of any emergency. 

2- Learn New Skills

To survive living off-grid, you need to acquire a few skills before going off-grid. As you know, while living off-grid, you don’t have every facility to cook food or to fulfill everyday needs effectively.

Here are a few skills you need to learn, including:

3- Finding a Suitable Location

Finding a suitable location for your off-the-grid lifestyle can be a tough task, as it will require you to do some extensive research and acquire a wealth of knowledge to live off the grid safely.

Look for a location that has a tremendous amount of water available (water is necessary to live off the grid comfortably). Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for your off-grid location:

  • Land availability
  • Taxes incentive
  • Building code requirements
  • Climate,
  • The beauty of nature.
  • Security

Location is one of the most important factors when transitioning to an off-the-grid lifestyle.

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What Supplies Do You Need To Live Off-Grid?

Living an off-grid life can be truly amazing and fun only if we know what ways and basic elements are needed for living a pleasant off-grid life.

Life in the city and living off-grid are quite different, but if you know how to survive living off-grid, it would be a fascinating experience for you. Let’s discuss some tools or supplies needed in an off-grid adventure.

1- Shelter, Power, Water, and Food

Undoubtedly, these are necessary factors for survival, so wherever you live, you need to manage them at any cost.

  • Shelter includes protection from everything like a natural disaster, rain, heavy snowfall, windy weather, or any wild creature.
  • Power includes solar power, battery power, wind power, and hard power. These power-equipped substances are used for cooking, lighting, burning, and producing heat.
  • Water sources include wells, lakes, rivers, and streams. After converting it into a filtration process, you can drink water from these sources. If you have water storage capacity while living off-grid, it would be better.
  • Arranging food requires effort in off-grid living because of no technological equipment. Harvesting, fishing, farming, and hunting are some activities through which you can arrange food.

2- Supplies In Case Of Emergency

Especially while leaving for off-grid life, you must have the following: 

  • Emergency kit
  • First aid box
  • Essential medicines
  • The bulk of stored water
  • Extra food
  • A roadmap in case of any trouble finding a route
  • A radio to get aware of weather updates
  • A torch
  • Any source of communication
  • A warm blanket or warm coverings to prevent extreme cold

If you decide to transition to an off-the-grid lifestyle, I suggest starting with a survival kit that contains almost everything you need to survive for over 72 hours. Check the link on Amazon.com.

How Do Beginners Live Off The Grid? 

If you are a beginner and you decide to live an off-grid life, it’s an exciting experience to get rid of your practical problems and a usually boring and hectic life.

Here are some guidelines for those who are thinking of this adventure.

1- Live in a Tiny House

You can start a simple, refreshing, and healthier life by moving or settling in a tiny house while living off-grid. Living in a small house will help you to cut down on extra expenses. And more importantly, tiny houses are generally cheaper to build or buy.

You will find a smooth, soothing experience when you will start experiencing every little beauty of nature with not much expense and worry. 

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What Supplies Do You Need to Live Off Grid?
What Supplies Do You Need to Live Off Grid? – offthegridplanet.com

2- Installation of Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are a good source of producing heat and are also reliable sources of getting prevention from cold weather and a breezy atmosphere.

In addition, they are an excellent energy-efficient alternative to air conditioners and furnaces for all climates, particularly while living off the grid.

According to the US Office of Energy Saver, heat pumps can reduce your electricity consumption for heating by about 50% compared to electric resistance heating, including furnaces.

Similar to your refrigerator, heat pumps use electricity to transmit heat from a cool area to a warm area, making the cool area cooler and the warm space warmer.

3- Usage of Solar Battery Equipment

A solar battery is not as expensive as a power supply, especially when you are living off-grid. It is also effective in reducing cost and is eco-friendly too.

Moreover, a solar battery is easy to use and convenient while facing power supply issues in hot weather. Check out this article on the advantages and drawbacks of using an off-grid solar system.

4- Usage of Power Generation

Using renewable power generation can help you effectively reduce costs and lower your expenses by efficiently using everything and adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Everything based on solar energy is not very expensive and easy to carry with you when you plan to live off the grid.

Living off the grid offers tremendous benefits, including a more fulfilling lifestyle, eco-friendly life, and increased connection with your loved ones.

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How Much Money Do You Need To Live Off The Grid?

When you plan and decide to live off the grid, the main question that arises in your mind is how much money you need to live off the grid.

You try to find an estimated cost to know whether you can afford it or not according to your budget. So here are some estimated figures which are calculated for you for your ease. Take a look:

General costLowest cost Average costHighest cost Recurring cost
Land$2,850$23,700$156,000$0.42 to $245 per month
Energy $1,218$11,928$26,460Account for about 5% of increase per year
Housing expenses $5,000$50,000$250,000$10 to $1,653 per month
Expenses related to cooking and eating. As low as $50$334$3,500$20 to $240 per month
Water$3,750$9,525$15,300No recurring expenses related to water
Garden/ Farming As low as $600$5,600$12,000Gardening can pay for itself when you sell your garden products or farming products.
Estimated cost$12,447$101,087$463,260$35.42 to $2,264 per month
The table displays expenses for an off-the-grid lifestyle – offthegridplanet.com (Source: offgridpermaculture.com)

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Final Thoughts

Overall, to safely and happily live off the grid, you will need proper preparation, including learning new survival skills, buying the required tools, and doing research.

In addition, living off the grid is a continuous and never-ending process; you will need to learn and upgrade your skills constantly. More importantly, it is a trial and error process with highs and lows, making you a better, stronger, and happier person.


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