5 Best Coffee Makers For RV (And how to choose the perfect one!)

Coffee lovers may not love recreational activities without sipping their favorite drink at these events. When traveling on a recreational vehicle (RV), you can bet they have a coffee maker in the vehicle. 

Having a coffee marker at a campsite is fun; you can enjoy your cup anytime you want without leaving your friends to search for a coffee shop.

Furthermore, you could make new friends at the campsite when people smell the sweet aroma from your RV

Before discussing the best coffee makers for RV, let’s examine some factors worth considering when buying the coffee maker. You do not want your investment to go to waste!

My Top Pick is the Secura French press coffee maker, which is among the highest-rated coffee makers for RV currently available on the market. In addition, the Secura French press coffee maker offers the highest value for money.

Factors To Consider When Buying An RV Coffee Maker 

Your RV may not be similar to your home kitchen; therefore, finding the right coffee maker may require research. However, since an RV coffee maker is not your main coffee equipment, you do not have to break the bank. 

You can make the best choice by considering the following factors:

1- Size Of The Coffee Maker

An RV may not have a big space, so consider a mini coffee maker that will not consume too much space and suck the joy out of your travel.

If you buy a big one, things can get crazy in the cramped space.

2- Convenience And Clean Up

The space in the RV is often cramped, and you may not want a coffee maker that forces you to stretch over a five-foot counter to make coffee. 

You also want to evaluate how easy it is to clean the machine. The easier to clean, the better because you may have a limited water supply while traveling or camping. 

3- Storage

The RV counter is small and could be occupied by other equipment, so a mountable coffee maker can be ideal for saving space. Nevertheless, they can be costly. 

If you cannot afford the mountable option, keep in mind where you want to store the unit. Besides considering the size, examine the material of the coffee maker. Buying stainless steel equipment is ideal for an RV. 

4- Electricity

Do you love camping where there is no electricity? If yes, you need a coffee maker that does not need a power source, such as Hario V60.

You will probably need to heat your water on gas to add to the coffee maker. 

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5 Best Coffee Makers For RV (And how to choose the perfect one!)
5 Best Coffee Makers For RV (And how to choose the perfect one!) – offthegridplanet.com

How Do You Make Coffee In An RV? 

Depending on your coffee maker and other related equipment, you can make different types of coffee in an RV.

1- Espresso

You can make an Espresso every morning or evening in an RV. If you bought a stovetop espresso maker, you only need to grind the beans and top one shot of the fine grain with a few ounces of hot water.

Espresso makers can make drinks such as macchiatos, cappuccinos, and lattes. 

2- Pressed Coffee

You could also make the French-pressed coffee using a coarse coffee and hot water grind. If pressed coffee is your favorite, buy an insulated press to keep your drink warm.

Experts recommend adding 2 tablespoons of coffee for each cup and allowing it to brew for at least 4 minutes before pressing. 

3- Pour-Over Coffee

You can also use the metal pour-over cone often placed on top of the coffee mug. Add coffee grounds and then slowly pour hot water over the fine grain.

The resulting liquid entering your cub is the brewed coffee. 

4- Steeped Coffee

This style may not require a coffee maker because you only need coffee bags for steeping, hot water, and a mug.

Like tea bags, this coffee also comes in bags and can be steeped between 5 and 10 minutes in a hot cup. However, cold brew requires to be chilled overnight in water.

5- Brewed Coffee

Brewed coffee is ideal for those who love a cup of drip coffee. You can make this type of coffee using a standard coffee pot of coffee maker. The coffee maker is perfect because it saves coffee and dishes. 

For an RV coffee maker, choose a machine that uses limited electricity and occupies less space. Nobody wants a coffee maker flying over the counter as their drive the RV. 

Watch the video below for tips on successfully making coffee in your RV.

5 Best Coffee Makers For RV (And how to choose the perfect one!) – offthegridplanet.com

5 Best Coffee Makers For RV

Let’s now discuss the best RV coffee makers that consider important factors.

1- Cuisinart DCC-450BK RV Coffee Maker

Are you searching for one of the most trusted brands in home cooking appliances? Cuisinart should be on your list. 

They have put in excellent work when making their RV coffee maker. Their DCC-450BK is an ideal drip-style compact RV coffee maker that can make up to four cups of coffee at ago. 

It is made from stainless steel carafe and has a good design with a comfortable handle to prevent unnecessary spills and stains on your RV. 

The coffee maker is engineered with a special Brew Pause feature, allowing you to grab a quick cup before the brewing process is complete. 

Moreover, it has an automatic 30-minute shut-off which minimizes the chances of your coffee over-simmering. Over-simmering could result in a bitter taste, and I don’t think you want that. 

2- Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker For RV

Hamilton Beach coffee maker For RV is a single-serve coffee maker designed to conveniently and quickly brew coffee for standard travel mugs. 

It comes with customizable volume adjustments and brew settings to brew one 8-ounce coffee cup in approximately 9o seconds. The coffee maker can also accommodate a 14-ounce coffee but brew it in two minutes. 

It also has a reusable mesh filter system made from stainless steel, meaning you will not waste money on paper filters. 

Hamilton Beach coffee maker for RV allows you to adjust the level of your drink boldness to match your taste. It automatically switches off when the brewing cycle ends, which saves power.

If you need a cheap and versatile coffee maker to fill your single coffee mug while traveling, the Hamilton Beach coffee maker for RV is your best option.  

3- Behmor Stainless Steel Coffee Maker For RV

Behmor Stainless Steel coffee maker for RV has a stainless-steel body, making it easy to clean and durable. It can withstand harsh falls you will likely experience on the road with the RV. 

This small coffee maker makes it easier to fit in tight spaces on the RV counter.

Other fantastic features of this coffee machine include the programmable brew start time, enabling you to set a pre-soak time for the fine coffee grounds. Its temperature is also adjustable between 190 and 210°F, thus giving you complete control during the brewing process. 

Additionally, the Behmor Stainless Steel coffee maker for RV has settings for altitude correction to adjust water temperature accordingly. For instance, if you change altitude by moving from coat to the mountain tops with your RV, your coffee will not be affected by changes in altitude. 

Its stainless-steel carafe is also furnished with double-walled insulation to help your coffee stay warm while maintaining the same taste. 

The soaking feature help with maximum extraction, thus creating the best coffee flavor. 

4- Secura French Press Coffee Maker

The French press is suitable for places with no electricity or limited access to the power source. It is simple and convenient to brew with, thus making it suitable for your campsite. 

However, as you choose this model, avoid those that look fancy and delicate for your granny’s cabinet. Go for string ones with an industrial look that can endure a beating down the road.

The Secura Stainless Steel French Press is an excellent choice for an RV because they are built to last. The inside has 3 layers of stainless steel and could carry between 34 and 50 oz, which means you will have a monster coffee maker.

You can store it in the cabinet of your RV as a travel mug. Furthermore, the Secura French press coffee maker is easy to wash; you can use a dishwasher to clean it.

5- Eurolux Coffee Maker For RV

Eurolux coffee maker for RV has a 9-cup capacity, which means you can enjoy coffee even if you are traveling with a big family in your RV. 

It is made using high-quality stainless steel, allowing one to taste the real coffee without after taste associated with aluminum models. 

The wooden handle is ideal for pouring coffee without uncomfortable spills. Another feature that makes the Eurolux coffee maker for RV is its filters placed at the bottom of the coffee maker receptacle. The filter protects the grounds from escaping but does not interfere with your coffee brewing process.

Moreover, the Eurolux coffee maker for RV is also dishwasher safe, making it handy when you come from a long trip to get your RV cleaned. 

Final Thoughts

Touring the world with your RV and sipping your cup of coffee feels good. However, choosing the right coffee maker for your RV requires research.

Investing in the wrong coffee maker can waste your money. However, many coffee makers suit traveling you can choose from. 

I recommend you choose the Secura French press coffee maker because it is among the highest-rated coffee makers for RV currently available on the market.


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