Best Camping Toilets: Your Guide to Enjoying Nature Comfortably

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Best Camping Toilets

Camping is a fantastic way to enjoy nature’s beauty and get away from the stresses of everyday life. One of the best ways to enjoy camping is by ensuring you have the right gear, including a camping toilet.

Choosing a good camping toilet can help you enjoy nature comfortably, providing you with an extra level of convenience and privacy.

But with so many options available, knowing which toilet fits your needs can be hard. Read on to explore the best camping toilets on the market. You might also enjoy reading Everything You Need to Know About Toilet Tents for Camping.

Types of Camping Toilets

The first step in choosing the best camping toilet is to select a type that suits your camping style. Below are the most common types of camping toilets currently available on the market:

1- Portable Toilet

Backpacking or portable toilets are lightweight, compact, and easily transported. In addition, portable toilets are versatile options, with many models offering advanced features like flushing systems, waste tanks, and sink units.

Some of the leading brands of portable toilets include Thetford, Dometic, and Camco. Portable toilets come in various designs, which include bucket-style, folding legs, and collapsible tanks. They are easy to set up, use, and dispose of waste.

Moreover, portable toilets are great for families, car campers, and adventurers who want to enjoy the comforts of home while in the great outdoors.

2- Composting Toilet

Composting toilets are another option for those who want to enjoy nature while being kind to the environment. Composting toilets convert human waste into fertilizer that can be recycled.

Composting toilets are cost-effective and great for those who want to minimize their environmental footprint. Composting toilets are available in various sizes, from small and compact to large and roomy, depending on your needs.

Some popular brands of composting toilets are Nature’s Head, Sun-Mar, and Separett. Composting toilets are perfect for regular campers who want to enjoy nature without leaving a significant impact.

3- Cassette Toilet

Cassette toilets are a popular choice for RV campers and caravanners. They are similar to portable toilets but have the added benefit of a removable cassette holding the waste. The cassette can be easily emptied at designated waste disposal stations.

Cassette toilets are easy to use, and some models come with advanced features such as flushing systems and odor control. Some popular brands of cassette toilets are Thetford and Dometic.

I like that cassette toilets offer the comfort of home while you’re on the road, making them ideal for RV and car camping enthusiasts.

4- Bucket Toilet

Bucket toilets are possibly the most basic option available, and their simplicity can be quite appealing. Bucket toilets are cheap, readily available, and require no setup. All that’s needed is a sturdy bucket with a lid and a toilet seat.

In addition, bucket toilets are ideal for campers who want to go off the beaten track and enjoy remote locations. Bucket toilets can be the perfect solution for hikers and backpackers wanting to keep weight and cost down.

Key Features to Look For

Once you’ve selected the type of camping toilet you’re interested in, consider the key features that make a good camping toilet. Durability, ease of cleaning, and odor control are important factors to ensure you have a comfortable and hygienic experience.

Some toilets come with a simple holding tank, while others include features like a built-in flushing system and replaceable waste bags.

My Top Pick Of Camping Toilets

It is time to jump into product recommendations for the best camping toilets. Some of the top choices include the Thetford Porta Potti, the Reliance Luggable Loo, and the Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Toilet Kit.

Tips for Using a Camping Toilet

To ensure you have a comfortable and hygienic experience, it is important to use your camping toilet properly. When using a bucket-style toilet, line the bucket with a plastic bag and use sawdust or kitty litter to reduce odors.

For portable flushable toilets, be sure to use the appropriate chemicals to minimize odors and bacteria. Always clean your toilet thoroughly before storing it away.

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Final Thoughts

Camping toilets provide an essential amenity while enjoying the great outdoors. In addition, camping toilets provide a level of functionality and privacy that allows for a more comfortable experience while camping.

Whether you’re camping with the family or backpacking solo, there is a toilet type that will suit your needs. From bucket toilets to composting toilets, cassette toilets to portable toilets, I encourage you to select the right camping toilet for you and enjoy nature’s beauty without compromising your comfort.

I also suggest you remember to practice proper etiquette by disposing of waste in designated facilities and always follow Leave No Trace principles to preserve the natural environment.


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